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The Market: Much like a garbage disposal.


Lately, the market has been acting like a garbage disposal. Although there has been a slew of abominable news reported, the market has been able to digest it all, and move forward. The market did pull in nearly 7% from the highs. Which was an expected correction, from the push forward over the past 3 months. With all the news as of late from Japan to Libya, many expected to see the markets pull in even harder because of global uncertainty. What we are seeing for right now is a market that is strong and pushing forward. Just because the market is digesting this news with out any extreme movement, does not mean we escaped danger.  Much like indigestion, a flair up can come at any time without warning. With everything the market is digesting at the moment, it would not be a surprise to see the market regurgitate everything in May. There is only so much bad news this market can with stand before cracking. This is still a fragile time for global economies. We are recovering from what many say was “the worst recession in history.” There is only going to be so much more this market takes before it cracks again. Over the short term the evidence is there. After falling 7% from the highs, the past two weeks enjoyed a 5% rally. The push forward, is a short term move. If this weeks economic data shows the slightest improvement, expect us to test new highs. Slightly changed or on pace news will have minimal impact to the downside. Any bad news as of late has not discouraged this market. The market is an indicator of the economy and we should have less concern about the economy, but there should be much caution when navigating this market. Due to all the exogenous risk that remains globally.

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