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So you want to be a trader? My first day trading my own pad.


I have been trading on the desk for about a month now, but today was quit different. Today, was the first day I traded my own pad. Before the opening bell, I felt anxious to begin. I was thrilled at the fact I could finally be trading on my own, it gave me a sense of freedom. But now this is where the competitiveness begins. I want to be the top trader on the desk, but also want to see everyone positive. Simply I want to be the best. Now I don’t expect that to happen over the night, but aspire to get there (as all traders do). The great thing about the desk, is that being how transparent we are at any time we can check where we stack up amongst the pack. Today I was a a bit impatient on two stocks causing a loss in P&L on the day. My levels were good levels, but just got in to soon and because of that I got stopped out of good trades. Now was this because I wanted to be positive early in the day or just bad trading, not sure? The best and worst thing I have learned about trading is that when you lose you can still win as long as you learn from your losses. To sum up the first day of trading my own pad was there were lots of emotions. I was anxious, nervous, excited, as well as feeling pressure to perform profitably. Now that today is over tomorrow brings on new trading day. No more jitters or emotions to worry about no more wondering when will I trade my own pad. Now it is time to be a trader and trade.

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