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Barron’s Summary Sat April 30, 2011

|Includes:BBRY, Cerner Corporation (CERN), CTL, DIS, DLB, IP, NVO, RHT, SKH, UTX

  • Budget – Barron’s proposes its own budget plan for the next 10 years, combining elements of the Obama and Ryan submissions and also adding some new ideas.  The most controversial suggestion from Barron’s is a $1.6T cut in military spending over the next 10 years, bringing it back to its ’00 level (inflation adjusted).
  • KND – positive comments; the pending RHB deal will make the combined company a powerhouse in the market and will wind up being immediately accretive.  Any Medicare rate cuts (which weighed on the stock Fri) will prob. not be as draconian as feared.  The stock could have upside into the $30s.
  • IP – positive comments; the stock could have upside into the low $40s.
  • M – positive comments; operations are improving; the co could achieve an IG credit rating; valuation is cheap; some see the stock hitting $40.
  • Barron’s interviews George Fraise of Sustainable Growth Advisers – bullish on NVO, EBAY, RHT, and CERN.
  • Santoli screens for value stocks – a lot of tech (ADI, CSCO, EXPE, HPQ, SNDK, CA) and defense (HRS, LMT, RTN).
  • RIMM – defending the stock; says prospects remain bright and new products will help sentiment.
  • CTL – pos. comments; too soon to sell the stock; the EQ deal and now SVVS will wind up being positives; the dividend remains very high.
  • N – positive comments; the co is finally starting to hit critical mass and growth is accelerating as a result. 
  • Acer – neg. comments; too soon to buy the stock; it could have 20%+ downside from here.
  • Trading volume in the silver ETF has been surging, sending warning signals to some market pros who see a sharp correction looming.
  • SKH – positive comments in Barron’s; says Fri’s sell-off was an overreaction.
  • DLB – positive comments; all the bad news appears baked into the stock price at current levels.  The stock could be a takeover candidate if it weren’t controlled by the founding family.
  • DIS: Barron’s, “The Trader” makes some cautious comments on Disney – saying that the stock, “looks fairly valued, at least for now” &  “With shares up more than 14%  this year and outgunning the market, however, gains could start to slow”
  • UTX – Barron’s was positive on the stock, saying while it isn’t cheap, there is still room for upside given new developments w/ the Airbus re-engining and some new orders from India.
  • IP – Barron’s says the stock hasn’t been noticed of late and sees 40% of upside on the stock. Article says that box shipment data has illustrated a scenario w/ tight supplies, giving the expectation that a $50/ton price hike is on the horizon this summer.
  • Schneider Electric – Barron’s was positive on the stock, saying some analysts think it could move up 10% a year for the next 1-015 years. The company’s portfolio of energy safe, reliable, and efficient products should keep them competitive in most environments, according to the article. As for the TYC rumors, Barron’s is skeptical of the deal as TYC is not a “natural fit” for Schneider.
  • Silver – Cautious article in Barron’s, saying a lot of the recent surge came from investors chasing the rally, which could be bad for silver as many will liquidate positions if there is a correction. The article suggests $34/share for the SLV is an attractive entry point, 30% below current prices.