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Osama Bin Laden: Terrorist and Rapist….Kola Boof Speaks Out

HedgeFundLIVE — She is an Egyptian/Sudanese-American, award-winning novelist, poet, television writer, activist, and one of the many women entangled in the life of one of America’s Most Wanted Individuals – Osama Bin Laden. Kola Boof, mistress and confidant of the well-known terrorist responsible for the many lives lost during the 9/11 World Trade attacks, came out not long after the death of Osama, revealing their insane relationship that began with the rape he conducted against her the first night they met.

She describes “Somi” (her nickname given to Osama) as a “monster, genius, poet, racist, woman-basher, very passionate, deeply sensitive, and confused” human being. She also speaks about his love of Western Culture –including an obsession with singer, actress, Whitney Houston – and Marijuana.

Although she was raped, Kola explains why her fear and determination to survive caused her to become close to Osama and carry out a lengthy affair. She says they became comrades and lovers. The affair allowed them to write poetry together, as well as stay near each other as she was given the duty to oversee Osama’s men, never leaving his side. Osama even helped her to cover up a crime.

“I did his hair, I cooked for him, he gave me jewels and money; sent me to Milan on shopping sprees; buried one of his guards that I killed and made it so I only did one night in jail. Living at La Maison Arabe was hardly the life of a slave–I wasn’t in chains, honey.”

The last part of that statement was made against Osama’s head-wife, Najwa Bin Laden, and others who undermined her relationship with Osama as nothing more than a sex-slave relationship. On top of not getting the proper title and recognition from the media because she was a black woman, Kola says that Osama’s head wife often referred to her as “abeed lan sharmuta” — (n***er slave whore).

She says that Najwa rather see her killed than receive any of Osama’s money. However, that didn’t stop Kola which in her memoirs reveals, ”In any mansion…it’s the maids and the whores…who know the most.”

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