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Trader Tip of the Day: Control your F*@king Emotions!

 Successful trading is boring trading.  The most consistently profitable individuals are those who can sit in front of their screens and robotically execute trades according to the rules in their plan.  Traders who trade off of emotion or gut instinct often find themselves unable to manage a trade once their thesis has failed to play out.  Once this occurs, they begin to become emotional which often leads to outsized risk and outsized losses.  When a trader pounds on the trading desk in frustration it is a clear indicator that he or she is not emotionally prepared to trade.  While it may seem exciting to place large bets hoping for that one big move, this is an indication of emotional trading and the thin line between investing and gambling has been crossed.  Finally, remember that extreme elation can be equally as detrimental to one’s trading as outsized frustration.  Remember that the best traders are calm, cool, and focused on utilizing their proven techniques to make money.