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Mobile Rising: The Spread Of CPI (Cost Per Install) Model

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Facebook, in recent years, has set the stage for the new paradigm of advertising compensation, the Cost Per Install kind. This new ad structure involves a method where mobile app advertisers are charged based on the amount of download conversions they receive from their through the ad placement. Twitter, emerging as a late-comer to the game that Facebook entered in 2012, will now be following suit.

Last year, Twitter paid $350 million of their company stock to purchase MoPub, a hosted ad serving solution built specifically for mobile publishers. MoPub, a thought leader in mobile app marketing, allows app publishers to optimize marketing across multiple sources of through their unique platform. This means that not only could app marketers access conversion through social media dashboards, but with direct ads, house ads, ad network, and real-time bidding.

MoPub now has "241 million active users on Twitter as well as the more than 1 billion unique devices in MoPub's network," according to VentureBeat. With a Twitter partnership, app advertisers could soon view and operate their whole campaign through the Twitter UI. The new suite is currently available in private beta to U.S. advertisers.

With the continued rise of mobile, and the value to companies in gaining customers and loyalty through the use of mobile apps, this is no doubt a strategic and proactive play for Twitter to add a new vertical and earn propensity to become the go-to platform in the new era mobile advertising.

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