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BBRY Z10 Demand Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

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We have all heard the rumors of the BBRY Z10 selling out in the UK and in Canada. I am a Canadian citizen living on the west coast and was there to check out the hype...the line ups, the unruly mobs...wait, what hype?

I have checked out 4 different carriers in my area since the release of the Z10 on February 5 and none of them have sold out, as a matter of fact demand seems muted. Did you know that some of the most popular wireless carriers in places like downtown Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary were only shipped a very limited supply of Z10's, we're talking 25 to 30 units for the launch day. I believe it was a strategy of BBRY's to have only very limited supply available in order to fabricate a 'sell out' situation.

Of the 4 stores I visited, one had been shipped a total of 3 units and had sold 1 as of the first day, another had sold 4 units as of today (Feb. 6) and another had not sold any units at all as of today. At one of the stores I visited the sales rep reported to me that the first 2 Z10's they un-boxed were both defective! One had an unresponsive touch screen and another had undisclosed problems with the software.

Now I did get the chance to play around with the phone for a considerable amount of time and I do have to say that I believe it to be a nice piece of hardware. The keyboard is nice, as has been reported, and the software seemed fine. The display is actually very nice as well. All in all a good device, but the problem is that nothing is outstanding. In all honestly it is not the quantum leap that BBRY needed, but it might just be enough to hang in for a very distant third place.

Also now we have a rumor of the Samsung Galaxy S4 being unveiled on March 15, 2013. What does this mean for the Z10? I guess we will all know soon enough!

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a long position in BBRY over the next 72 hours.

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