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2010 Portfolio Performance Review

The Wilshire 5000 closed the year at 13,360.12, up from 11,497.41, or 16.20%, for 2010.  The Wilshire 5000's 200-day moving average finished the year at 11,953.73, or 11.77% the year-end close. 

Now for the portfolio...
1) Verizon ($VZ) I sold at $35.75 this week, up 16.653% for the year, inclusive of dividends.  FTR, the recent spinoff, recently closed at $9.73/share, worth $68.11 to this portfolio currently.

2) AT&T ($T) closed at $29.38, up 5.11% for the year, inclusive of dividends. 

3) GE ($GE) closed at $18.29, up by 20.55% for the year, inclusive of dividends.

4) TBT, ($TBT) the doubleshort U.S. Treasury ETF closed at $37.04, down 15.15% since my buy.  

5) January 2012 Dupont ($DD)  $45/$55 CALL spreads purchased a few months back closed at $4.90, up 34.25% since my buy.

6) Apple ($AAPL) closed at $322.56 up by 66.48% since my buy. 

7) January '12 Citigroup ($C) CALLs closed at $.12, down by 72.73% since my buy. 

8) Citigroup ($C) closed at $4.73, up by 18.84% since my buy.

9) Goldman Sachs ($GS) closed at $168.16, up by 23.51% since my buy.

10) January '11 S&P 500 ETF ($SPY) $127/$120 PUT Spread that I purchased on Wednesday at $2.92 closed at $1.76, or down 39.73%.

11) June '11 doubleshort 20-year U.S. Treasury ETF($TBT) closed at $3.62, down by 22.15% since I purchased it on the 29th of December.

Overall, the portfolio finished up by 16.52% (16.31% for the DOW Dogs), versus 16.20% for the Wilshire 5000. The current basket of eleven stocks and options that I am currently invested in, including dividends, was up 2.55% year-to-date. The spread between my performance and the overall market (Wilshire 5000) was .32% outperform.

I thought I did a fairly good job of running this portfolio this year, and I look forward to seeing how I can do in 2011.  I think I have learned a lot this year, and have not only been able to test my own trading strategies, but have been able to discover a few new ones as well.

As you can see from the data above, I was basically at a market-perform, with no commissions taken out.  However, the two trades I made in the final two weeks of the year cost me roughly 6% in outperformance.  Had I rested easy at the end of the year, and sat on my stack of cash, I would have been in much better shape.  Oh well, live and learn.