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Long Short Update from January 26th

|Includes:CLB, CTL, Herbalife Ltd. (HLF), IDCC, NAT, OII

Last week's picks of Jim Cramer saw five bullish picks: Herbalife (HLF), CenturyLink (CTL), (ACOM), InterDigital (IDCC), Core Labs (CLB), and two bearish picks: Nordic American Tanker (NAT) and Oceaneering International (OII). 

The five-day outlook was mostly bullish, with CTL, IDCC, CLB and NAT all showing a greater than 60% chance of a higher close by end of business Tuesday. Two stocks, CTL and IDCC, had a bearish outlook for the first day. But, by in large, the outlook was bullish.

So what happened?

In reality, bulls wiped the board. The only stock to break the mold was Nordic American Tanker (NYSE:NAT). It managed to finish down 1-, 2- and 5-days post Pattern completion, despite a 75% and 72% probability of closing higher 2 days and 5 days respectively after the Pattern completed.

In the end it was a toss up, with four misses for PatternDNA (the other two were the bearish probabilities in CTL and IDCC) and three hits - all coming on the fifth day.

The Percentage Return data played reasonably well to expectation. Herbalife (NYSE:HLF) finished up 2.2% (vs 3.0%), Core Labs (NYSE:CLB) returned 7.8% (vs 7.7%),  InterDigital closed 5.2% higher (vs 6.5%). One of Jim's bearish picks, Oceaneering International (NYSE:OII), was the biggest gainer on the week - it finished up 10.3% (vs 6.1% projection). On the miss front was CenturyLink (NYSE:CTL) up only 1.5% (vs 6.2%) and Nordic American Tanker (NAT) down -0.3% (vs 8.5% projection).

In summary

What was lost on Win Percentage Outlook was made up for in Percentage Return. The bullish outlook did play out in the end, with Nordic American Tanker (NAT) the only real disappointment in this regard.