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|Includes:Orient Paper Inc. (ONP)

As a company Muddy Waters has systematically engaged in a short and distort campaign against ONP by manipulating the price and volume with misrepresentation and misleading information. According to information from internet articles, W.A.B. Capital approached ONP for a paid for favorable research article.

The owner of W.A.B. Capital is the father of Carson Block who is a principle, along with Seth Regan, of Muddy Waters, LLC.

John Bird AKA Waldo Mushman AKA chinesecompanyanalyst AKA birdman has repeatedly attacked ONP, as well as other small cap Chinese firms, with the stated intent to drive the price down to profit from his short positions. John Bird has written blogs treated as proper news that referenced his own blogs and Muddy Waters report as his only sources of information. This disinformation has again misrepresented and presented misleading statements in the guise of trying to "expose ONP as a fraud".

These allegations have led to two law firms to file frivolous lawsuits based solely on these misleading articles. The articles reference the same articles in a vicious circle of misreprentation and misleading information.

The overall effect of all the misleading and misrepresented information has been an unfair manipulation of the volume traded and the price of shares of Oriental Paper for the financial gain of a few individuals at the expense of honest investors.

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