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Call Writing Options Strategies, Cont'd

|Includes:eBay Inc. (EBAY), LAZ, LVS

l put on another covered call position today - 7/11

Bot (NYSE:LAZ) @ 32.57 , Sold the Sept 32 calls for $2. If LAZ is above the 32 strike price on Sept 21st, the yield is 4.9% for holding the stock for approx. 2 months. The call premium collected is enhanced by the .25 Dividend you will also receive in August. If the stock is below $32 in Sept. you will own the shares at an effective price of $30.57 with an annual yield of 3.1% ..

Here is the commentary for the first 2 positions I am currently in, for those that may have missed them.

Bot EBAY 6/5 @ 52.15 , Sold the July 52.50 calls for $2.16.. If EBAY is above 52.50 on July 20 ( expiration day) , the yield is 4.7% for holding the stock for 6 weeks . If it is below 52.50 my yield is 3.8% for the same 6 weeks, and I own the stock at an effective price of $49.90. "


Bot (NYSE:LVS) @ 52.36 Sold the AUG 52.50 calls for $2.32 ,If LVS is 52.50 or higher on Aug 17 (expiration) , yield works out to 4.5% on a holding period of 42 days , annualized yield approx. 48% or so.. ...
If not, I own for a net price of $50.02, something I would be OK with..

LVS is one that I like for long term, already own it in portfolio , shares purchased today are in addition to that :)

Hers is a chart showing the current positions. I use a 500 share purchase to illustrate the results, of course this can be done in increments of 100 share blocks.

Unless there is a reversal , it appears the (NASDAQ:EBAY) shares should be called away next week. I''ll keep you updated.

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Disclosure: I am long LAZ, EBAY, LVS.

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Stocks: EBAY, LAZ, LVS