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Avoid The Noise - Revisited - A Bear "Fear" List.

I have always cautioned investors to avoid the constant bombarding of 'headlines' that takes place in media , blogs, etc. If you've been kept on the sidelines by the hysterical headlines that are churned out daily , you've missed the greatest 18 months in the history of the global stock market.

Revisit this list every time the bears decide to roll out another "headline" ( Hint: Next up "debt ceiling II" -Obama Boehner Round II)

The following caught my eye while I was researching recent market psychology.

Lament of those that were paralyzed by the "noise"

The market will "crash" & I went to cash because (please check one):

1. Sequestration

2. The Taper

3. Obamacare

4. Debt Ceiling

5. Egypt Revolution

6. Portuguese Bond Auctions

7. US Elections

8. Syria Threat

9. Sharknado

10. Chinese GDP

11. London Whale

12. High Frequency Trading

13. Nasdaq Freeze

14. Grexit

15. Marc Faber web video appearance on

16. Larry Summers

17. Low Volume

18. CAPE Valuation

19. Hindenburg Omen

20. Death Cross

21. Other (please explain): _____________

Stay Focused & Good Luck !