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An un-American Tale

"Obama said the struggling U.S. economy can't afford to spend $700 billion to keep lower tax rates in place for the nation's highest earners."

Fact: the "economy" buys nor sells anything, but is the aggregate of individual decisions, in the same way that the Government does not produce a dime that doesn't come first from the labor, savings, and investments of individuals. 
Along these lines individuals can't afford to buy much of anything that can be defined as a want or a luxury or requires a long-term installment type payment plan due to the uncertainty of how much further down the socialist primrose path we will trod, no matter how low interest rates go. Negative real interest rates anyone?

Because $250K/yr is still not rich and the life story of Obama Alinskyesque rags to riches tale doesn't read or sound any better this time around. And he said Boehner and the GOP have no new ideas! Talk about the kettle calling out the pot!

I'm filling my pot with UGL and buying BGZ! I will continue to get shorter, more liquid, an more risk averse as the class warfare hash is re-heated.

Disclosure: Long UGL and BGZ