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Tata Motors targets Latin America

|Includes:Tata Motors Limited (TTM)

Tata Motors TTM, has evolved into an Emerging Money reader favorite. The company is one of the world's great car manufacturers and the stock has been trading erratically -- but generally bullishly -- for several weeks now.

The reason for the stock's erratic movement may be any number of things: trader confusion, delayed reaction to great earnings or simple eagerness to play the rallying Indian market by buying into its best-known non-tech stock.

One interesting story to watch that has yet to be reported anywhere in the big media beyond a few vague mentions: TTM is going to Mexico. Tata is thinking about building a $257 million factory in Mexico some time this year. Rumor has it the plant will be able to produce 100,000 cars this year and ramp up to a peak capacity of 300,000 if market demand merits it.

The goal is to bring TTM to not only Mexico but Brazil, Argentina and elsewhere. Even more tantalizing (and mysterious): TTM is talking to Chinese partners to bring its high-end Jaguar Land Rover vehicles to that market. Watch this story next week to see how the stock behaves once U.S. investors finally catch on.

Beyond going global....

In the long term, TTM is facing the looming retirement of its namesake founder, legendary Indian tycoon Ratan Tata. Tata himself has promised to avoid a King Lear scenario in which his heirs squabble over his empire. However, it is also important to know whether his genius will survive into the next generation of managers at TTM, TCL  and other far-flung subsidiaries.

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