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Could Microsoft Go Out Of Business?

Microsoft could go out of business if demand for Windows software ceases. I don't think this is so. Nor should it feel threatened by Google and Apple whose mainstay is search engines and computer hardware. The rubbing point amongst the big 3, of course, is the smart phone. I won't go into the "better and worse" features of each company's phone version here [safe to assume most people have their own points of view anyway], but speaking for myself, I prefer to do my computer work (writing composition, web search, excel spreadsheets, and e-mail, etc.) using a 15-inch screen laptop computer with keyboard. Perhaps that is soon to become something of the past, but if Microsoft continues to offer the classic office versions of what its Office Suite does through Windows, I think people will find that mode of idea development and written self-expression far easier and smoother to get done than being handicapped through reliance on an I-phone, Android and the like. The same goes with the tablets. Sure you can easily retrieve information using the I-pad, but everything Apple provides there is pretty much a "canned program" so you can't customize your computer research and writing (self-communication) and programming to your specific needs. Microsoft does offer this form of information technology potential and this might very well explain how it continues to exist and develop even though it looks like it is just another of the "same old, same old". Don't judge a book by its cover if it continues to be read throughout the generations like the Bible or Shakespeare!