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Blackberry Z10 Very IT Friendly Phone

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The VASCO two-factor authentication app has been released for Z10 and works perfectly. The Z10 has a CISCO VPN client which includes the Group Authentication feature. It works very well and connects lightning fast to CISCO VPN. If you also download FreeBSSH you can ssh to linux servers from your Z10. Another app, FreebVNC allows me to connect to my Ubuntu Linux desktop, and the ERICON Access to Go app allows me to remote desktop from my Z10 to an RDP session on a Windows desktop. The Neutrino Real-Time Operating System (Neutrino RTOS) aka BB10 OS is nearly flawless and I have never had to reboot the phone in the 5 weeks I have owned it. Regarding the map app that comes with the phone, despite some negative comments, I like it enormously. It has voice turn-by-turn navigation, and it has the 3/4 birds-eye view display, and personally, I like it. All-in-all I find this phone to be a phone that IT employees with find very useful, since you can use it to login to ssh sessions and desktops. As to whether this phone will gain traction with average consumers, that is very much an open and unanswered question. The app store is still very much imho severely lacking important apps such as true "built-for-blackberry" banking and equities trading platform apps. It has precious few banking apps of any kind at all. There are no USA banking apps, and only Scotia Bank and CIBC bank were in there for Canada (as of April 22) and the reviews for these were mixed, with some claiming that these are only link-type apps to their mobile sites, and not true "built-for-blackberry" apps. Chase Bank has desupported ALL Blackberry devices, and the announcement of that was not a hoax, as some might have thought, as my Torch 9810 began reporting a message that Chase no longer supports ANY Blackberry products as of yesterday (April 21). Chase is the largest US Bank by assets, so this does not help. I love the Z10 and I am keeping mine - the release of the VASCO app was huge for any IT employees planning to use this phone - but the BB10 OS still has a BIG problem with lack of consumer-focused apps. Z10 is going to suffer in consumer markets because of this problem of lack of consumer-focused key apps such as banking and stock/investment trading. I was bullish on the stock in the fall and winter, and recently shifted to bearish. Now I'm on the sidelines altogether because it's just really hard to see which way this stock is going to go in the near term. The BB10 OS is a great, great engineered platform, but the consumer acceptance issue is going to tell a big part of the financial side of the evolving Blackberry story, and the results are still out on that one.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a long position in BBRY over the next 72 hours.

Additional disclosure: Hard to call which way this will go.

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