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|Includes:Uranium Resources, Inc. (URRE)

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The market has been hot lately as we’ve seen the past week and i called out the bullish technicals on the DOW on OCT 11th in this blog post HERE and illustrated on the DOW 30 chart below from that post. Once again ill note that FOUS4 patterns are highly more abundent and reliable when the DOW is trending on the bullish side of the 13ema short term trend indicator.

I could feel things heating up and charts were coming back into play way more so then the past several months which influenced me to tweet this on the 18th!

I feel Another $12,200 Trade coming up. Remember this?
That Same day i alerted the URRE trade @ .886 to the Black Service Team .. I eventually became long 25,500 shares avg @ .903
Trade Alert: Long URRE @ .886 .. Strong news out and revival break in play … break .91 and this should push to 1+
I explain in this watchlist video how revival pattern can play out and that they can quickly jump 20-60% in a very short amount of time when they do trigger that squeeze. Unfortunately due to the market volatility for the past 3.5 months its been very difficult to take much chances on holding stocks for very long as many breakouts have quickly turned to the downside twice as fast as they broke. In addition to pending news on europe which could collapse the market awaiting everyday. Forced me to not take much risk. I still locked in $3300 on this trade selling from 1.02-1.05. But this was the $12,000 trade i was looking for and i pussed out! This is my strategy and i know what these patterns are capable of. But the market grabbed me by the balls and made me its bitch and said you’re too scurrrrrrred! Hahaha and i was! But thats just the way it goes sometimes. There will be plenty more revival patterns just like this coming up.

You can see here on todays chart the aftermath of the breakout and URRE pushing perfectly into my called target zone. Want to learn how and why i know this? Pick up a copy of my 7.5 hour training DVD.. The #1 rated stock trading DVD @investimonials!

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