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Gold and Silver Analysis

|Includes:SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD), SLV

To gold and silver investors, and those who are contemplating investing in gold and silver.

I am taking a few months off from writing on Seeking Alpha to finish my next book. I am tired of making comments on the negative posts about gold and silver and dealing with young kids who think they know it all, and put so much faith in Federal Reserve Notes and our government and Fed thinking they will get us out of the mess they got us into. This is what our education system has done for us. These kids don't know math and can't understand economics, except that of the Keynesian version taught in all our schools. They also can't refute what is to come with the banks. 

My next book is a Christian/Political book and will lay the groundwork for real change in America, not in a theorcratic kind of way and not the change that Obama gave us with multiple trillion deficits, and not the change that Bush gave us with less freedom and bailouts of banks via TARP.

As Martin Luther King said; "I have a dream!" This dream comes from a guy who sells gold and silver bullion too. But I sell it for a reason. I sell it so people can protect themselves from what our government and Fed have done to our economy and our monetary system. This doesn't mean, as a U.S. citizen, I sit by idly and let them continue with their abuses just to make a buck. I'm an American damn it. It is my duty given to me to by the Declaration Of Independence; "to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

Choosing one evil over a lesser evil is not the answer. But I do have the solutions where we can all get along and make a difference in the future of America, whether black, white, asian, hispanic, Christian, agnostic, or what have you.

I will continue to write articles on my own website; Buy Gold And Silver Safely - and an article I have been working on of late, and will be coming out soon, is one you might be interested in. It is a further analysis of our nations top banks and the fact they too will at some point need Fed/U.S. taxpayer rescue to "prevent a depression" as Treasury Secretary Geithner will scream at some point, just as Secretary Snow did in 2008. Just watch. Heck, Geithner is already warning us that we have to raise the debt ceiling or 2008 will be moderate in comparison. Congress doesn't want to make the cuts necessary because of lobbyist interests that maintain the status debt quo. It cannot last and that is why you own gold and silver.

There is a place on my website home page where you can sign up for my artcles. It's on the right hand side of the home page found here:

I have written quite a few articles you may be interested in. I don't post everything here on Seeking Alpha. Years ago I used to complain to Seeking Alpha about not giving any respect to gold. Then they finally did.

I may or may not write for Seeking Alpha again. I haven't decided. I will keep writing though, and keep challenging those who discredit gold and sivler and know nothing about history and money.

Thanks for reading...

Doug Eberhardt

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