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Five iPhones: 5S (Or 6), 5SX (Or 6S), 5, 4S And 4P (Plastic)

|Includes:Apple Inc. (AAPL)

Either this fall of by 2014 Apple will be selling five different iPhones, including:

1.- the expected 5S or 6 priced at today's iPhone 5, call it X, coming by 9/13

2.- a bigger screen version to be called, perhaps, 5SX (X for eXtra size) or 6X, this may come in 2014, to be priced at X + $100, coming at 3/14

3.- the 5 at X - $100, by 9/13

4.- the 4S at X - $ 200, by 9/13

5.- the 4SP (P for Plastic), or perhaps the 4P, with plastic casing, at X -$300, by 9/13

This scheme will allow Apple to price itself at five different price points, and will leverage its tradition of selling prior year units at lower price.

Disclosure: I am long AAPL.

Additional disclosure: With the confidence of new product coming in 2014, to include not only the 5SX (or 6X), but wither the iWatch or the Apple TV; plus the price support offered by the $50B buy back plan, I will buy more, at least while the share remains below $500

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