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China Warns USA, South Korea and Japan Not To Bully North Korea


Reported By: Soha, CRWE Newswire Middle East Correspondent

China has warned the United States, Japan, and South Korea not to bully North Korea. After a visit by the North Korean leader Kim Jong II the Chinese state media reported, that the USA, Japan, and South Korea should not “bully” Pyongyang if they want to soothe regional tensions.

During his visit Kim met Chinese President Hu Jintao and assured him that his nation was willing to return to long-stalled nuclear disarmament talks.

A major Chinese newspaper the Global Times said “living in the shadows of South Korea, Japan and the US, North Korea has to wrap itself up tighter in order to fend off military threats, and threats of political and cultural infiltration.”

“North Korea’s opening up will help relieve tensions in northeast Asia. But the knot does not only lie on the North’s side. Other countries in the region must redouble their efforts to untangle the knot.”

The paper said “theses three nations should not bully North Korea any more,” referring to the recent sanctions slapped on North Korea by the United States.

The comments of the paper are important as it is considered a representative of what is currently going on in the mind of Chinese government.



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