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10 More Dead in Kashmir as India Decides to Test Directed Energy Weapons on Protesters




Reported By: Soha, CRWE Newswire Middle East Correspondent

Ten more people have died during violence in Kashmir. A nine-year-old boy was also among the killed as Indian Security Forces opened fire on stone pelting protesters.

The deaths provoked people further as demonstrators poured into streets chanting slogans “blood for blood”. According to police authorities, the incident occurred when a group of protesters hurled stones at police. However, local residents have said that there were no protests when the shots were fired.

Meanwhile Indian authorities have decided to test Directed Energy Weapons (DEW`s) also known as “laser dazzlers” on the stone pelting Kashmiri protesters.

It is believed that the Prime Minster Manmohan Singh has given the okay for police officials to use the gun in certain circumstances. The gun is non-lethal and, according to media reports, disorients crowd or even militants in action. The laser gun flashes a laser bema that causes the protesters to go virtually blind for nearly a minute, enough time for troops to grab them.

United Nations conventions prohibit the use of laser guns that cause permanent blindness. For eleven weeks now Kashmir has been suffering tremendous loss of life, as 64 people have lost their lives at the hands of Indian troops. But all the protesting voices have fallen on deaf ears as the international community continues its criminal silence.





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