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VZ - ARM 3T Trend Analysis Snapshot (4/26/13)

|Includes:Verizon Communications (VZ)

ARM 3T Trend Analysis™

A Trader's Research Tool That Identifies Three Major Stock Trends

ARM 3T Trend Analysis™ Snapshot

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE) - Industry: Telecom Services - Domestic


There is some talk going on about VZ and one of its business partners as being a good buy these days...

Well, VZ has been on my BUY list since its end of week price chart on 13 AUG 2010 - that's right (see below)...

Per its daily price chart, it has been a good buy since 01 FEB 13 (see Point 1). Its most recent trend bias was detected on 17 APR 13 (see Point 2) but lasted for just that day with a return to full upgrade on 18 APR 13 (see Point 3)...

All in all, I like what I am seeing in both the daily and weekly price charts. Monthly and quarterly price charts are just as convincing...

Current Fundamental/Technical Review:

Current ARM 3T Trend™ Situation Report ("BUY/HOLD/SELL"):

Current ARM 3T Trend™ Analysis Snapshot:

Current End of Day/Week/Month/Quarter Price Charts with ARM 3T Trend Analysis™ (Medium-Term Trend) Powered by MetaStock®:

Figure 1: Current End of Day Price Chart with ARM 3T Trend Analysis Powered By MetaStock®

Figure 2: Current End of Week Price Chart w/ ARM 3T Trend Analysis™ powered by MetaStock®

Figure 3: Figure 3: Current End of Month Price Chart Powered by MetaStock® (Note: End of Month Price Chart is not complete until the end of the current month)

Figure 4: Current End of Quarter Price Chart Powered By MetaStock® (Note: End of Quarter Price Chart is not complete until the end of the current quarter)


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  2. Additional technical analysis powered by BigChart® Opinion

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