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Inflation A No-Show Suggests Interest Rates Can Go Lower

Goldilocks lives as CPI and PCE are both up less than 1.2% year on year. Thus investors in maturities far below 10 years have been, according to these government statistics, keeping up with or ahead of general price inflation without adjusting for tax effects. Of course, government statistics are what they are...

Let's see what the FOMC has to say. My bias continues to be a "ZIRP forever", Japanese-style expectation for the U.S., though with higher inflation as befits our superpower status. Nonetheless, the U.S. is also on a zero population growth track based on fertility data; greater longevity is accounting for population growth right now if my understanding of limited population gains from net immigration are correct. An aging population diminishes resource pressure, looks for smaller homes, and in general does not favor "growthy", inflationary policies.

Interesting times.

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