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CPSI Moves Down: Simply Moving With The Momentum Stocks?

|Includes:Computer Programs and Systems, Inc. (CPSI)

I recently wrote an article on Computer Programs and Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CPSI). Since then, the stock has sold off several points on no public news. Perhaps something adverse to the company, or the healthcare IT industry, or the hospital industry, came out somewhere, or was rumored. After all, public policy affects its clientele, small hospitals, a great deal.

If the above is not so, it may just be that the stock had a nice run and is moving down with the mo-mo stocks that we are all familiar with. If so, CPSI has moved more toward an attractive valuation; it was its high valuation that bothered me the most about the stock.

I'm not an investment adviser, but I'm wondering if this CPSI is an interesting "buy on weakness" opportunity here.

Disclosure: I am long CPSI.

Additional disclosure: Not investment advice.

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