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Is Win-Win Situation Possible Between Small Investor And Wall Street?

Purpose of this blogpost is to discuss opinions (and preferable facts) on the question in the title, so please comment.

In my opinion (NYSEMKT:IMO) sometimes Wall Street makes good for small investor (e.g., transform from trading stocks from 1/8 to cents) but WIN-WIN almost impossible between Wall Street and Small Investor.

For example, Wall Street manipulates Small Investor and force him/her assume that

a) it is good to stay 100% investing all time;

b) he/she can easily beat market with "smart" trades;

c) prime goal of many Wall Streeters is to help Small Investor;

d) blind dollar-cost averaging is good for everyone;

e) font load is a sign of good mutual fund;

f) IPO and M&A is sure thing to make money;


There are many half-true ideas flying around stock market - it seems useful to point who rather win from usage of each of these ideas.

What do you think?

28 May 2013