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Book Review: “You Don't Have A Money Problem: Wherever Your Money Goes, There You Are“ By Eli A. Inkrot

Although a part of the book is about my favorite topic - Dividend Growth Investing, it is not a typical investment book; rather it exposes would-be investors to common sense. For example, the author wrote: "If I had the opportunity to list three criteria that represent a solid financial foundation they would be: establish an emergency fund, eliminate debt and make more than you spend." (p.60)

Throughout the book Inkrot demonstrates how personal finance decisions should start well before one begins investing. Eventually the author effectively integrates investment ideologies with how one thinks about finance in general.

Although SA readers probably already implemented many book's ideas in their life, they definitely have folks around who need to read this book. IMO this book is perfect gift to young generation. I'd like to write to my children: "Son or Daughter please read this book at least twice during your life and pass it to your kid at his/her first salary anniversary."

The only two minor obstacles with this is are

a) The author already wrote an appendix at the end of the book. So it might be enough to carefully read the whole book once and later re-read the appendix, along with some chapters that are important in a given situation.

b) If my child will have more than 1 kid it will be difficult to pass paperback copy of the book I have. Fortunately Kindle edition exists.

Overall "You Don't Have A Money Problem" is a very good book that I recommend to would-be investors.

Disclosure: Eli Inkrot, the author and active SA contributor, sent me a free copy of the book.

10 Oct. 2013