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Book Review: “Harvesting Profits On Wall Street: Essays In Investing” By Ron Muhlenkamp

If I have only 10 letters to say about the book, they are "It is the gem!"

"Harvesting profits on Wall Street: essays in investing" by Ron Muhlenkamp is the book which IMO any investor must read and have. With so many charlatans at Wall Street and in financial departments of universities we almost forget wise Warren Buffett words "Investing is simple, but not easy." Ron Muhlenkamp shows that most things required only simple arithmetic (BTW, accountants including CFOs don't need to know advanced math) and even do it for readers presenting almost all historical results as simple but new (at least for me) graphs. This simplicity nevertheless reflects deep and original thinking of the author. I found in this book the best explanation of the reason for high stocks volatility to compare with bonds which each SA participants must learn, the excellent explanation of mortgage strategy which each homeowner and to-be- homeowner can use for his/her gain, the marvelous comparison of corporate bonds and stocks which opened my mind on a CFO activities, etc…
I pretty sure that "Harvesting profits on Wall Street" helps me to be better investor and I hope it will help you as well.

Full disclosure: The author sent me the book after I requested.