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Blackberry Comeback Is Very Likely

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Don't discount the Blackberry just yet...

The new Blackberry is not just another Android and iPhone copy cat. It's actually a hybrid of the 2 OS's with a mash up of blackberry's security infrastructure and natural gestures that looks promising to save users tons of time. After the BB10z launch, I noticed something that many users failed to realize. Why is Blackberry still around? It should have died long ago. The company should have gone straight into extinction 5 years ago. But this company is still somehow kicking around. The reason for this are many.

A) Blackberry still owns the Enterprise (just poll Wallstreet users)

1) Blackberry is the ONLY smartphone equipped to cater large enterprises with their world class security
2) iPhone and Android had 5 years had tons of cash and had ample time to break into the enterprise market with a viable solution - but failed
3) BYOD is over hyped. My company wants to know everything. They can only do this with a blackberry
4) Apps are over hyped. Enterprise users don't use Angry Birds and Songza players. They need corporate email and office apps
5) Private PINs are private - and Apple or Android don't have this capability.

B) Blackberry can attract the Consumer Market (just look at what BB10 does that the other phones can't)

1) Messaging on BB10z - i don't need an icon for SMS texting, an icon for facebook, an icon for twitter, an icon for linked in, an icon for email and an icon for instant messaging. Quite simply - the Blackberry hub is removing all this unnecessary screen real estate on the iPhone and Android and mashing it all up into the Blackberry hub. Only time will tell if it's a genius design. I am sold on it. I hate toggling between 5 or 6 icons. Building it right into the OS is brilliant.

2) Camera and Photo Media on BB10z - i don't need to download special camera add on's to enhance photo taking, photo editing and photo sharing. It's all integrated in BB10. Again, no extra icons required. It's built in.

3) The phone looks sexy. Yes. For the consumer market, the BB10 z looks sufficiently awesome, slick and modern.

It's too Little Too Late? Remember how everyone thought Apple was garbage. Ready to throw them out into the trash? Don't forget some history down memory lane. There's a video of Steve Jobs practically begging Bill Gates to help bail out Apple. This was a time where Windows was dominating the entire market and Apple was going straight down the toilet. One can point to how quickly technology and innovation can turn a companies fortunes around. Blackberry with $2B in cash is no where near the low point where Apple once was. Before you get better sometimes you just need to hit rock bottom. Did Apple learn their lesson? Absolutely and look where they are now. Did Blackberry learn their lesson? I think they did. I really think they did. I think this company may not own the Smartphone market - but I think the Enterprise is starving for a new phone (and that time has come). Blackberry has a ton of patents and great talented people who are willing to take risks in innovating. Apple gambled first and I think Blackberry is going to do it next. For all you naysayers - don't discount the enterprise, don't discount blackberry loyals, don't discount Apple and Android exhaustion. BB10 is a legitimate contender. Just wait and see! Fruits and Robots - the Smartphone market is getting exciting again.

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