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Apple Will Never Go Above $500 Again. It's Already Rotten.

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Apple is only tasty when it's not rotten.

Ray Yagubyan

I think, Apple will never hit $1000 or even higher than $500. This is nothing but a hype like the AOL (America Online). Where is AOL? Market tends responds to innovation with a global hype now. But now the true competitors knows the value of this. They will not let Apple enjoy this value anymore. But only the strong and connected will survive.

First, Android will damage Apple Mobile Platform Market; Apple's computer platform is not popular or unique anymore so if they loose mobile market to competitors they will have nothing left. TV is not enough.

Then Windows 8, Windows 8 embedded and other Microsoft consumer products will destroy Android market because of the strong ecosystem. It just takes time for Microsoft to spread the Ecosystem standards.

What's really going to kill both Apple and Google is the great Windows 8 applications created by millions of enterprises that uses Microsoft development platforms in their IT and millions of Microsoft developers. When you use Windows 8 built-in search, you really don't need browser anymore. Good luck to Google. They will see substantial loss in their Search revenue as Windows 8 spreads.

Perhaps, one good solution can be that Apple makes Windows 8 hardware.

My target on apple is $350 or less by end of April.


Ray Yagubyan

Disclosure: I am short AAPL, GOOG.

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