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Is Google Business Built Around Deception? Do We Need Google?

|Includes:AAPL, Alphabet Inc. (GOOG), MSFT

Google build it's business around stealing and deception. They stole java renamed it to Android. They stole disloyal and unappreciated Microsoft People and developed upcoming Microsoft platforms before Microsoft (such as Google Docs, Google Maps and even Android) using insiders. Google Docs is not a true app like Office 365. It's a Office want to-be HTML5 editor with steroids.

Google steals your personal information. Google steals internet's true value by controlling the output of pure knowledge. Why Google Docs is free but not search. Because with search they give you only what they want, which is what is paid more.

Google spent too much money to areas not related to business so they can appear important or appear as inventor. They're focus is all about controlling internet to steal your life so they can control more.

I even think we don't need Google. Google is not good at building ecosystem. Microsoft is. We don't need a bad-Microsoft but we do need Microsoft to do better. Microsoft needs to start giving more. For example; give free content.

I think it will be more valuable for Bill Gates to spend his billions to more productive areas. He spent 20 billion dollars to fight some deceases in Africa for some unknown purpose. You could build a city with that money. You could build high-tech centralized online education system that could save perhaps trillions of dollars to many countries. Education system is old and costly. A school is like Barnes and Nobles. It's brick and mortar and it's very costly. We need to shutdown schools and create online knowledge education system and interactive social education system. This can be done under a billion dollar. Google doesn't mind spending $3 billion dollars for office space in London.

Isn't this stealing because the money is used for a selfish purpose?


Ray Yagubyan

Ray Yagubyan

Disclosure: I am short GOOG.