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|Includes:Arcam AB (AMAVF)

Interim Report January - March 2013

Good start to the year, increased sales and strong orders

  • Net sales increased by 101% to 38.1 (18.9) million
  • Profit after financial items 0.1 (-6.6) million
    (This figure includes non-recurring costs of about 3 million)
  • Earnings per share amounted to SEK 0.02 (-1.78) per
  • The profit margin was 0.3% (-35%)
  • Cash and cash equivalents at end of period 38.3 (29.0) million
    (in cash and cash equivalents include advanced the research grant of approximately 6.5 million (10))
  • Order intake amounted to 6 (2) system
  • 4 (2) EBM systems delivered during the period
  • The order book at the end of every 12 (1) system
  • Strategic agreement signed with DiSanto Technology in U.S.
  • Introduction of Arcam Q10

Significant events after the balance sheet:

  • Order for four EBM systems from existing customers in the aerospace industry
  • Orders for Arcam Q10 from Proto Service in Italy
  • Certification of operations according to ISO 9001

Basic information about Arcam is on page 9 of this report.

A good start of the year, increased sales and strong order intake
year has started well, and for the first quarter, we report a doubling of sales compared to the first quarter of 2012 and a slightly positive result. Earnings are charged with non-recurring costs associated with DiSanto Agreement, for a total of about 3 million. Calculated on a rolling twelve month revenue is 158.2 million and profit 21.6 million. The strong order intake continues with six new orders during the quarter and 11 orders to date. On the reporting date, the order book is thus 17 system. We are delighted with the growing demand for our EBM technology, especially from strategic customers who are expanding their production facilities. strategic alliance between Arcam and DiSanto Technology In late February, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with DiSanto Technology Inc. (DTI) in the U.S.. DTI is a contract manufacturer of orthopedic products and we will work together to offer new and existing customers contract manufacturing of advanced implants based on Arcam's EBM technology. By offering customers a combination of DTIs implant knowledge and Arcam's cutting edge technology within the Additive Manufacturing expected the strategic alliance accelerate market acceptance of EBM technology for manufacture of orthopedic implants. Among existing joint customers include many leading implant companies. The agreement further provides Arcam a 2-year option to acquire DTI. Agreement with DiSanto is long term very interesting for Arcam. The collaboration with the DTI has the potential to transform Arcam's position on the implant market and establish EBM technology as a standard method for implant manufacturing. New EBM systems, Arcam Q10, for the orthopedic market in early March introduced Arcam Q10, a new generation of EBM systems for the industrial production of orthopedic implants. Arcam Q10 was developed in close cooperation with world's leading implant companies and the development was partly funded by Vinnova. The system is designed to meet the implant industry's need for ease of use, productivity, accuracy and quality assurance. Arcam Q10 contains several new features for industrial volume production, including higher productivity, higher precision and Arcam LayerQam ™, a new camera based system for quality assurance. Arcam Q10 replaces Arcam A1 is today something of an industry standard for Additive Manufacturing of orthopedic implants. Orthopedics Market is one of Arcam's two main markets. EBM technology is used since 2007 for the manufacture of implants and it is estimated that more than 30,000 patients have been treated with orthopedic implants manufactured with Arcam's EBM technology. The market for EBM-manufactured implants, thereby increasing steadily. With the introduction of Arcam Q10 sharpen our offering to implant industry and reinforces our already strong product portfolio. The first user of Arcam Q10 will be our strategic partner DiSanto Technology. New business in aerospace Among new orders taken up to the date of this report, I would particularly emphasize the four systems as an existing industrial customer ordered in early April. The transaction demonstrates both the confidence the client now gives us and the potential we have in the aerospace industry.The ability to reach volume production in the aerospace industry is now getting closer and intensive efforts are underway to make us ready for the aviation industry volumes and requirements. An important part of this is the formal quality assurance and after extensive work is our business now certified according to ISO 9001. A stable order book and an improvement in business creates opportunities for continued strong growth in 2013. Mölndal April 19, 2013 Magnus René, CEO

For further information please contact:
Magnus René, CEO of Arcam AB
Phone: 031 710 32 00 or. mobile: 0702 79 89 99 or E-mail: magnus.rene @

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