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Nightmare, The Dream Time (Part 2 - A Personal Rant)

Ah, yes. I intensely dislike my job and it's bordering on hate. And after checking out (110% increase for crappier insurance than what I had over the last year - that's assuming what I see is correct When I'm allowed to log in) and my job's new insurance policy this year (50% increase, on par with last year), I guess I'm going to have to start seriously looking for another job.

My main issue is that my employer requires you have health insurance. You don't get a choice to say no. Last year, I found a high-deductible crappy plan that was better than what my employer offered. Because I bought that, I signed a bunch of papers waiving my employer's crappy plan and got an instant 12% raise. So since the Obamacare insurance appears to be insanely expensive ($240/mo for a $6500 deductible? What poor people have that amount of savings in cash?) I'll need to go back on to my employer's yoy crappier insurance and take a pay cut at the same time.

Really? I need a new job. I'd rather forego health insurance and pay the penalty until I could do enough shopping for something reasonable that would cover a genuine medical emergency, but I can't do that since this is that magic time of year to sign up for crappy benefits.

Anywho. Whining will not make me money. I want to get paid for not really doing anything except some research. And as I see my dividends slowly increasing each month since the last financial disaster I had, I'm on the right track.

The bad part is that my slowly increasing dividends in my taxable account aren't doing what they were supposed to do. I sacrifice discretionary income now and I reap slowly increasing income over time. What is happening is I'm getting slowly increasing income, but that will be used to pay for something that I'm basically required to have and has doubled in price over the last year.