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First Windows Phone Preview June 23 Pep talk by Mr. Elop

This had to be an intentional release but Mr. Elop asks all employees to rurn off recording devices before they show the first Windows phone.  If you listen carefully to this speech there are some interesting tidbits.  e.g. the reference to the "China problem".  Obviosly there was a supply line problem in China that someone in management was reluctant to talk about.  As I have stated before I am long NOK.  While there are many reasons I went long I think this is a beaten down stock that has fallen to far.  The smartphone battle will be a long one and there will be multiple winners (other than AAPL) .  Further I believe that the entire supply chain of handheld devices is the growth story of the coming decade.  I see the handheld device as our personal portal to our digital world.  Obviously a small device will not be our sole computing device but it will enable us to connect with the rest of our data and apps wherever they may be.  Sharpen your wits investors this sector will be fun.