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Axion Power International, AXPW.OB, for trade and investment

|Includes:AXPW, Norfolk Southern Corporation (NSC)

If an expected DOE research grant gets final approval in the next month or two, I expect a significant jump in the price of AXPW.OB (Axion technologies).  I have been slowly building a position in this battery development "tech" stock for over 6 months.  All the elements for ultimate success seem in place and Norfolk Southern (NYSE:NS) has publicly acknowledged a purchase order for about $500k worth of batteries and battery management system.  This equipment will be used in a prototype railroad hybrid
diesel-battery switcher locomotive.  The hybrid RR engine concept was proven out several years ago, with 50% fuel savings, but the Lead Acid batteries of the time couldn't take the high cycling activity and died after some months of use.
   Axion's PbC battery is really a hybrid of an AGM lead acid battery and carbon electrode supercapacitor.  It thrives on frequent, rapid cycling.  It has run, without meaningful degradation, for 70,000 shallow discharge cycles with rapid (100A) recharging. Whether this will translate into a deeper discharge, 10k+ cycle reliability in the RR switcher hybrid will be the subject of testing starting later this year.

  Having looked at the technology, I am confident it will be a cost effective solution for the locomotive diesel-battery hybrid.  It might also work for a pure battery yard switcher engine, producing zero point-of-use air pollution.

Disclosure: I am long  AXPW.OB

Stocks: NSC, AXPW