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Greece Has A Merkel Shield

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As of now, it seems like nothing can block the flames of the firebreathing dragon Germany, which, along with the troika, is demanding increasing rounds of austerity from troubled Eurozone countries such as Greece.

Well, a panel of historical experts has determined that Germany owes Greece 162 billion euros in World War II reparations. More from Kathimerini:

To Vima reports that the experts found that Germany should pay Greece 108 billion euros for damage to infrastructure and 54 billion euros for a loan that the Nazi occupation forces obliged Greece to take in order to pay Berlin during the war.

This sum equals 80% of Greek GDP and, more importantly, would unchain Greece from the horrible aid-for-austerity approach advocated by Germany. With the excess funds, Greece would be able to increase stimulus and calm down social unrest.

Will Germany ever pay the 162 billion euros? Unfortunately, probably not. But perhaps Greece could dangle this over Merkel the next time she demands more cuts and use this as a Merkel Shield (trademarked).