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PWRM, RNO, NHPR, FICO, CWH - Stocks To Watch For Super Bowl Sunday!

|Includes:EQC, FICO, Rhino Resource Partners LP (RNO)




Power3 Medical Products, Inc. (OTC.BB:PWRM), a leading proteomics company focused on the development of innovative diagnostic tests in the fields of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, announced that it delivered four poster presentations at the 2010 International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease (NASDAQ:ICAD) in Honolulu, Hawaii. These presentations discussed NuroPro, Power3's diagnostic test, and focused on Power3's Alzheimer's disease blood serum biomarkers, test and clinical validation trials.

We are pleased that our blood tests specifically diagnose Alzheimer's in patients, both pre- and post-treatment," said Helen R. Park, MS, Chief Executive Officer of Power3, "and that our scientific collaborators, Dr. Marwan Sabbagh, Medical and Scientific Director of the Banner Sun Health Medical Research Institute, and Dr. Lourdes R. Bosquez, President of the Woodlands Behavioral Institute, Inc., presented along with us at the meeting in Hawaii."

"We are within striking distance of realizing an Alzheimer's clinical diagnostic tool which I hope will lead to a greater understanding of the disease and buoy the pace of future therapeutic interventions," added Marwan Sabbagh MD, Medical and Scientific Director of Banner Sun Health Medical Research Institute.

Parkinson's disease (PD) are ailments known as motor system disorders, which are the result of the loss of dopamine-producing brain cells. The 4 fundamental symptoms of PD are tremor, or moving in hands, arms, legs, jaw, and face; hardness, or perhaps tightness of your limbs and trunk; bradykinesia, or slowness to move; and postural lack of stability, or inable sense of balance and also co-ordination. As far as signs and symptoms, they are more noticable, patients might have trouble walking, talking, or finishing many other very simple tasks.

As symptoms get worse, individuals with Parkinson's disease may have trouble walking, talking or doing simple tasks. They may also have problems such as depression, sleep problems or trouble chewing, swallowing or speaking.

Power3 has filed several patent applications for its NuroPro technology that are currently pending. Power3 also has a world-wide exclusive license from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. To date, Power3 has given 9 presentations on NuroPro at international scientific meetings in the United States, Europe and China, and has published 6 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals on the subject. Power3 intends to publish these latest findings as well.


Rhino Resource Partners, L.P. (NYSE:RNO) announced that a cash distribution of $0.4208 per common unit and subordinated unit, which corresponds to the minimum quarterly distribution of $0.445 per unit, or $1.78 per unit on an annualized basis, prorated for the portion of the quarter after October 5, 2010, the closing date of Rhino's initial public offering. This distribution will be paid on February 14, 2011 to all unitholders of record as of the close of business on February 1, 2011. Rhino is a growth-oriented limited partnership formed to control and operate steam and metallurgical coal properties and related assets in Central Appalachia, Northern Appalachia, the Illinois Basin and the Western Bituminous region.

Rhino Resource Partners LP produces and markets coal from its surface and underground mines located in Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Colorado, and Utah. It sells coal primarily to electric utilities in the United States.



National Health Partners, Inc. (OTCBB:NHPR), a leading provider of unique discount healthcare membership programs, is pleased to announce that the Company has achieved positive earnings for the quarter ended September 30, 2010 compared to a loss of $522,542 for the same period last year. Revenues for the 3rd quarter grew 12.3% over the same period last year. The Company attributes the net earnings to the significant cost-cutting initiatives taken over the past couple of quarters and which is continuing in the 4th quarter.

Today's uninsured spend more for care-and are getting less-than those with insurance. However when the uninsured can't pay, health care providers change those costs to the people who ultimately can pay-those who have insurance policies. That causes much higher monthly premiums for those who buy the insurance, male or female, on the market, as well as staff who get insurance to cover for themselves and their loved ones. The need for affordable healthcare alternatives has never been greater.

Based on a seemingly arbitrary matrix of things, it is a new perquisite or a fantasy having access to affordable medical in the United States. Government insurance applications are available for the elderly, the permanently disabled, people with failing kidneys, the particular impoverished and children from low-income individuals. But how poor should one be to be eligible varies from state to state and from year to year. Staff members at most large providers and many other people can take advantage of group insurance plans negotiated through their employers. However millions of people who operate in low-paying service, retail or perhaps contracting jobs need to seek individual plans, which may be unaffordable or perhaps unavailable because of their healthcare histories. Others obtain insurance with insurance deductibles so high or insurance policy coverage limits so very low that one bad accident or illness may possibly bankrupt them. The need for affordable healthcare alternatives has never been greater.

National Health Partners, Inc. is a national healthcare savings organization that provides discount healthcare membership programs to uninsured and underinsured people through a national healthcare savings network called “CARExpress.” CARExpress is one of the largest networks of hospitals, doctors, dentists, pharmacists and other healthcare providers in the country and is comprised of over 1,000,000 medical professionals that belong to such PPOs as CareMark and Aetna. The company’s primary target customer group is the 47 million Americans who have no health insurance of any kind. The company’s secondary target customer group includes the millions of Americans who lack complete health insurance coverage. The company is headquartered in Horsham, Pennsylvania.

To learn about NHPR visit:


Fair Isaac Corp. (NYSE:FICO) announced they are bringing the newest FICO® Score service to Canada. Based on the FICO® 8 Score, the new service offers a highly predictive general risk score designed specifically for the Canadian market. Validation tests are occurring now, and they indicate customers will receive three-to-five times the incremental improvement in risk prediction typically generated by an enhanced scoring model. The service will be available for full implementation in March 2011. Over the preceding two decades, FICO and TransUnion have partnered to deliver a unique combination of powerful analytics, agile service infrastructure and robust data to an extensive customer base in Canada, which includes leading national, regional and international lenders.

Fair Isaac Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, provides decision management solutions that enable businesses to automate, improve, and connect decisions to enhance business performance worldwide.


CommonWealth REIT (NYSE:CWH) announced that it has scheduled its 2011 Annual Meeting of Shareholders for May 10, 2011. The record date for determination of shareholders entitled to vote at the meeting is February 18, 2011.

CommonWealth REIT is a real estate investment trust, or REIT, which primarily owns office and industrial properties throughout the United States, including approximately 17 million sq.ft. of leased industrial and commercial lands in Oahu, HI. CWH also owns a small and growing portfolio of office and industrial properties in Australia. CWH is headquartered in Newton, MA.












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