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The Next Web Operating System

|Includes:AAPL, Alphabet Inc. (GOOG), HPQ, PALM

In a recent post: Microsoft: The Big Short, the author argues that Microsoft dominance over OS licensing will not sustain for long. With the trend of cloud Computing, web applications, and stripped down versions of operating systems, users will start to move away from a fully bloated Windows OS to a cheaper and faster alternative (i,e.iOS, Chrome OS).

But my question is, Is there a good enough alternative out there yet?

Having done a bit of reading on Chrome OS, I do not see it being an alternative to Windows or OS X. The idea of not having any of our data stored locally, limited functionality when offline, and all data is synced to the public cloud will face a lot of resistance from consumers and businesses.

Is Chrome OS positioned as a companion laptop to our fully featured Windows 7/OS X laptop? We already have an iPad for that dont we? and didn't Google ask OEM's to wait for the new Android Gingerbread to use on their tablets? I am really questioning how successful chrome will be. It would have made a lot more sense if Chrome OS allowed us to run our power points or access our emails when we are offline. 

Can the iPad replace the laptop? In its current form I don't think so. However, I do wonder if it would once we start using multitasking and Apple adds: USB, camera, and second port for landscape mode once connected to its keyboard dock.

The final option and alternative that comes to mind is Palm WebOS 2. All what is known is that HP is looking to include it in its next tablet, but would it be good enough to run on  PCs, thin clients, and laptops as an alternative to Windows?

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