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Why Hurt The Economy Just To Pump Up The Stock Market?

The bond market may make the lying, uncaring, work only for the wealthy, Bernanke, stop this wealth-dividing, no job producing, forced high inflation, bank interest hijacking, economy crushing ANTI-STIMULUS QE a lot sooner than he would like to. Who really cares if the stock market falls 30, 50 percent or more as we need the economy in better shape, not making and sustaining a 2 to 3 times overpriced stock market relative to the depressed economy. You let the market fall in half and the seniors and all others who lost big from Bernanke hijacking their bank interest are allowed to get their $100 to $500 bank interest per month, we get a real inflation rate under 2% as opposed to the approximately 8% now, and you will see a positive change in the economy, unlike the negative change caused by Bernanke.

Let's see the bond market slap him in the face with a greater than 3% 10-year bond.

But still, taking the Fed out of the stock market and economy will not cure our problems as there are major structural problems involved with the wealth-divide, housing prices (too high), immigration, employment, education, government compensation, and more, which are all addressed on the 40-page site given to scores of our top leaders 3 years ago but they prefer inaction while collecting their $200K per year salaries plus other under-the-table perks.