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Siemens? Green sustainability => Green profitability!

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Next year is over, my AGM season just started last Tuesday again ;o)

Employees' children's competition ~ life in the future.


There's everything fine at Siemens, you know? The best $$ year ever in their 160 years history (€ 4.1 billion net profit), dividend increased by +70% which represents 40% pay-off 4 the owners and is going to be between 30-50% from net profits in the years ahead, €28 billion sales in green technologies which is 1/3 of all sales and is going to be €40 billion soon, profitable growth in all company's divisions, even the number of employees increased (more than 400,000 world wide) and the food was fine as well ;-)


Great speech by the Austrian CEO Peter Löscher, green, green, greener, current ecological footprint of homo sapiens is 1.3 which means we use 30% more natural resources as our poor planet earth re-produces in a year which is sad ;-(. I had the impression that for Siemens is the ecology more important than the growth & economy which is fine because we have only this one planet, so should not destroy it, you see? Of course is Siemens going to provide technologies for resources-saving solutions esp. for mega cities (water, electric power, light, transportation, medicals, facility management, etc). What do you mean, should I tell them that nuclear power plants aren't sustainable next year?

Electric car by Siemens.


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BTW, you still remember the last year's event?

Disclaimer: I'm currently long Siemens. 

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