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KNDI and the future

|Includes:Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. (KNDI)

One of the important things to accept about the stock market is that stocks do not imitate real life success. Stocks match confidence. Investors attempt to predict growth and regression within various markets. Until KNDI begins to post english language articles about its business deals, its stock price will remain volatile.

While the stock market is running blind, however, there is no reason that you should. KNDI in the space of two years moved from being a company dedicated to gokarts and utility vehicles to one focused on mini-EVs. 

KNDI facilities will soon have moved to being able to produce 100,000 mini-evs a year. This number, however, is meaningless until you examine their current sales data. Within Jinhua, commercial sales remain in the dozens. It is important to realize, however, that KNDI is not selling out of a group of dealerships but out of a single company-owned facility. Even the introduction of commercial sales within Hangzhou isn't going to improve these numbers immensely. Until a full network of charging and swaping stations has been developed. 

At this moment, it appears far more likely that KNDI will be reliant on governmental sales until commercial sales jump. With the 1,000 car sale to Italian SHARE and a supposed second purchase from the Hangzhou municipal post office presents a strong start. Post offices from around the country will hold a meeting in Hangzhou soon. This small tidbits of news suggests a strong future for KNDI. The reality, however, is that KNDI's true strength will remain in the hands of its larger partners for quite sometime. SGCC and KNDI's other partners within the battery swap partnership must remain involved in order for KNDI's commercial sales to grow out of the province. The Chinese government has hundreds of thousands of mail/police and other vehicles that may be potentially replaced with EVs. All of these sales can easily go to other firms though. 

I think KNDI will get a strong percentage of these sales. The companies strongest local competitor Zoyte took its EV taxis off the street of Hangzhou this month after one of them ignited during use. KNDI has the strong potential to do well. More importantly its legacy business appears to be strong enough to maintain it within the current price range around $ 3. While KNDI has the potential to skyrocket with EV sales, the stock price until then will be based on a wild mix of fear, skepticism, excitement and nervousness.

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