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Things Are Not Looking Good Starting Next Week.

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Next week we enter a period filled with sudden and unexpected events. This happens from time to time, but this one is different: its global!
The one thing the stock market does like is uncertainty, and it is going to get what will seem like a never ending dose of it from now till the end of the month. Financial astrology Ray Merriman says it could run well into August. The astrological aspects during the second half of the month are powerful, big and not good!
Further evidence can be found at NOAA
NOAA is predicting a spike in geomagnetic activity around the 15th next week, and high levels before and after. (see table below). The correlation between an increase in geomagnetic activity and sell in the stock market is a strong and reliable one.
2014 Jul 12 160 8 3
2014 Jul 13 140 8 3
2014 Jul 14 135 8 3
2014 Jul 15 120 12 4
2014 Jul 16 110 8 3
2014 Jul 17 110 8 3

Spiral analysis of the 100 or so stock I am watching, while not show super big drops in the stocks during the second half of the month, I am struck by the sheer number of spiral charts all showing a drop in the latter part of the month.
And then we have a cyclical analysis which say we have seen the top, and we are not going back for a long time.
On the world stage we have what seems like an extremely high number of fires that could explode any time now:
1.) ISIS taking over IRAQ.
2.) ISIS now in possession of 90 lbs. of uranium. That broke on the news a few hours ago. That is enough to contaminate the water supply to New York city. B.O. says it is not important because it can't be used to make a nuclear device. OK, let's try this again, it is enough to contaminate the water supply to New York city. Maybe if you send this too enough of your friends it will go viral and get picked-up by the main stream media. And if that happens, B.O. might get it. It seems he only learns of things if they are on the news.
3.) Israel under attack from Hamas. Hamas wants, and is prepared for war. The last time these two had it out, Israel got a bloody nose.
4.) The border situation in the U.S. continues, and now we know some of the people sneaking in are from the middle east.
5.) Fukushima is having trouble restarting the cooling system to one of the reactors which MUST be restarted in the next nine days. Plus it is getting hammered by a typhoon tonight.

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