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QuickChat #159, March 17, 2011

Like everyone else I have been giving some thought to the nuclear problems in Japan.  And as usual, i find myself viewing the panic with a critical eye...  Is the panic justified, or is there a chance of a more reasoned approach rather than being ruled by unreasoned fear.

Oddly enough, i found an editorial on the topic immediately, one which is guaranteed to trigger controversey:

Strangely enough, this sort of "real vs perceived" situation is pretty common, particularly when delving deep into the lamestream media's entrenched prejudices and thinly veiled agenda.

LOL, a famous scientist and scifi author once told me that "the solution is often dilution", ie, that what may be harmless in low doses, or even helpful in larger doses, may be lethal at very high dosage levels.

Note the challenge regarding caffeine and plutonium.  That is a true story, based upon unassailable physics, and one that bears some thought.

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