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Organic Plant Health Inc Sets Up For Explosive Growth

|About:Organic Plant Health, Inc. (OPHI) Includes:Home Depot, Inc. (HD), LOW

Organic Plant Health Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of organic bases, hybrid and environmentally responsible fertilizers, soil conditioners and pest controls that could be the next big thing in a short amount of time.

OTCPK:OPHI is a great small company with big visions for the future. I came across this company locally at my nearby hardware store in Charlotte NC. I asked for a product to spray my backyard for mosquito's and was quickly directed to OPHI's Eco Cedar insect repellent for indoor and outdoor use; two store attendants gave it rave reviews so it peaked my interest. I was given the whole story about its capabilities and it prompted me to look the company up.

This is a small company with plans to grow huge, their balance sheet is not the most impressive P&L that I have looked at but the saying goes buy when now one wants it and sell when everyone does.

There are already 2 strong buy ratings on OPHI one from Rubicon Capital Investors with a target price of .60 cents as well as Barchart research.

What got my attention on this small company was the possibility of rapid growth. A few months back CEO Billy Styles signed a deal with Corpotool LLC which is a distributor for over 9300 stores in the Southern United States, South America and the Caribbean. Currently OPHI is in roughly 40 retail locations and they look to increase that by 300% by the end of this month at the conference on the 29th in Florida. OPHI will be the key note speaker for this event to highlight its many exciting new products to the over 9000 potential new stores. This will be OPHI's first real chance to have their products picked up by the masses in one fail swoop.

The great part about it is the products speak for themselves on quality, capability, cost, and environmental achievements. The key products that OPHI offers are the Eco Cedar insect repellent. This is not only a mosquito spray for your back yard; it can be applied directly to your whole body. Used also for indoor use around the house and on furniture with no negative effects. The product kills many forms of cockroaches, household insects, and bedbugs.

The other main product that has another major opportunity is the Catfish Compost. This revolutionary product is going to replace the dirty smells of your standard manure products. It is odorless and can be used indoor and outdoors. The best part about it; it has better nutrient factors than any of your standard compost manure lines already being sold in stores for the same price!

My whole point why I am so excited about this company is 2 main points

A: With the upcoming conference at the end of this month OPHI should be able to create a slam dunk with new sales and launches of its key products. This will skyrocket the sales revenue and increase their exposure nationwide.

B: The big play here is with the revolutionary products that OPHI has put forth a "Big Boy" like Home Depot (NYSE:HD) or Lowes (NYSE:LOW) will be fighting over themselves to stock their products on their shelves. If just one of the big retailers sign with OPHI then it would be a blockbuster day for OPHI and its shareholders, the price targets at .60 cents would be blown away. The CEO has already hinted at talks that have been going on between OPHI and Lowes.

So in closing, at this current price per share of around 3 cents I see this as one of the best opportunities that has caught my eye in a long time. I am looking forward to this month's conference and the CEO securing huge value for shareholders short term as well as long term.

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