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Long term buyer and holder of silver. I still have silver from when it used to be the actual US money- when it had intrinsic value. I plan to hold it and hopefully accumulate more. Began investing and charting on paper in the late 1980's (hey, a computer cost $5000 then). On Gold: it's not that... More
  • Miriam Carey - Executed For Being Delusional In DC 3 comments
    Oct 6, 2013 6:52 PM

    Are you waiting for details to emerge about the Washington DC episode in which Miriam Carey ran into barriers at the White House and Capital Building, was chased and then shot to death? The whole Capital district was in lock-down and was swarming with DC police, Capital police, Secret Service and probably military personnel on Thursday.

    Well you can forget about learning any new details. The story has been killed; It was killed the second day after the event. No new information that will darken the image of the "heroic" Capital Police will be coming out. They do not want more details to emerge. If they updated the story with the facts, they would have to report that the police executed the woman with no mercy after she crashed her car.

    Here is the reason that this story has been killed. Officialdom - the police state is now on the defensive. The family of Miriam Carey has retained an attorney and intends to do their own independent investigation and autopsy. They are not backing down. Any information that could be used by the family is being withheld. New information must not come out except to further establish Marian Carey's delusional mental condition. It is all about police damage control now. Facts would not be in their favor.

    The ramming-chase, and shooting death only occurred on Thursday Oct 3, but already as of Friday PM it was dead as a story, as if it never happened, except that the police had no choice but to shoot her to neutralize her.

    I was sure that Sunday morning on the three major networks, there would have been follow up coverage. But guess what? Nothing - even though it paralyzed Washington for a day. The biggest story of the week after the govenrment shutdown, and they pretended it did not happen. Unbelievable. But do you know what they reported on instead in addition to the government shutdown on Sunday AM?

    • Author Tom Clancy died
    • Obama weighed in on the controversy about the name "Redskins" of the Washington team.
    • Also they were remembering the death of Janis Joplin (must have been an anniversary)

    Of the three major networks, (ABC, CBS, and NBC) Sunday morning, not one mentioned the Marian Carey chase and shooting death. The web pages, such as ABC's "This Week With George Stephanopoulos" incredibly did not even list it as an event that happened during the week! This is incredulous.

    This is because the details that would have emerged would have been damaging to the police. The information that is out there indicates that on the final leg of Miriam Carey's chase, that she attempted to do a U-turn at a barricade, hit and went up over a curb on the boulevard, resulting with her car being jammed or hung up. The police from the pursuing cars immediately approached her stopped car, and then fired at her at almost point blank range execution style.


    CBS Report:

    Miriam Carey, identified Capitol Hill car chase driver, was taken for mental-health evaluation

    "The vehicle raced around the west front of the Capitol building and then a short time later the car jumped a curb and came to a stop on the east side of the Capitol.

    The driver was shot multiple times by Secret Service and Capitol Police officers. She was later pronounced dead."

    From video attached to story: "Carey died a short time later after police chased her to the Capital, surrounded her car and opened fire. [shooting her until dead] Her one year old daughter … was rescued unharmed" October 5, 2013, 1:56 AM

    NOTICE: The car was stopped. She was shot multiple times.

    What I saw was an execution.

    I saw a video of this Thursday or Friday night. It showed an officer at about an arm's length distance from her car carefully aiming and firing several times. This video clip has been expunged from the network and can not be found on internet sites. The only approved video you will likely find, is the one where she is blocked in at the barricade by the Capital surrounded by police, where she backs into the police care behind , turns sharply and drives off. All videos of the termination of the chase have been expunged.

    If anyone else saw this or knows where to find the video please let me know.

    The officials have not yet allowed the family to view the body. The family was not allowed to ID the body, but were only shown a photograph.


    1. The family has not seen the body yet. Will the police find some excuse to not let any "non-official/family" individuals see the body? After the "official" coroner's report will they find some excuse not to release the body to the family?

    2. Or will they find an excuse to keep the body and then cremate her remains, destroying evidence?

    3. Will the family be able to conduct their own independent investigation to ascertain how times she was shot and at what range?

    4. Will the commanding officer's orders to the pursuing officers be made public?

    The speculation about not letting the family see the body and then cremating the body is not far-fetched. This has happened before more than once.

    • Ron Brown, Sec of Commerce and the others in 1996 flight and crash in Croatia, "Further autopsies of other passengers probably will not be made. Clinton ordered the cremation of all victims - it's hard to perform autopsies on ashes."
    • Waco victims, incinerated in the compound, then the burnt out structure was bulldozed. Texas Rangers were not allowed to investigate the crime scene.
    • Osama Bin-Laden: body "buried" at sea. No outside investigators may verify his death now.

    When the "Officials" release the body, then you may disregard the several questions above. The longer they hold the body, the more validity these questions have. The fact that they are being silent is not a good sign.

    FROM THE BEGINNING the story was reported recklessly and hysterically.

    "Shots were fired" (as if there was a shooter on the loose)

    Rampant driver "runs down" police officer; uses car as "weapon."

    May have been armed. (was not, and no indication or evidence of any weapon)

    My have had bomb. (reckless, hysterical conjecture)


    All the shooting was done by police

    She WAS NOT using her car as a "deadly weapon," - she was fleeing from police

    Police were injured crashing their car while speeding to the scene.

    She was unarmed and displayed no weapon - She had no bomb

    She was shot to death sitting unarmed in her stopped car.

    Here is a link to interviews and comments by the family. Going forward, you will not learn anything from the gate-keeper controlled media, the police state lap dog. The family of Miriam Cary can give you a better perspective.


    Here is how pathetic the major network reporting was of this event.

    "Those brave men and women of the Capital Police are not being paid"

    [for pursuing and killing an unarmed woman]


    What was of greatest concern to the ABC news man reporting from Washington?

    Tahman Bradley makes political hay about the government being shut down and Fed employees are not being paid; that was his real concern - that the government was shut down.

    "Those brave men and women of the Capital Police who stopped this threat are not being paid. They're not going to see their money until this government shutdown ends." Tahman Bradley of ABC Washington. Oct 3, 2013

    It's such a shame. They're not getting paid for their heroic service because of the government shutdown. Yes, the heroic police were working without pay. I guess you could say they killed her "gratis" - it was a "freebee" - It was on the "House". House of Representatives, that is. They applauded the police with a standing ovation. Don't worry, they'll get their money later, but who cares about money when you have done such heroic service.

    It is not possible for the House of Representatives to appear more pathetic and cowardly as they showed thenselves to be in their act of giving a standing ovation to the Capital Police for stopping this threat (by killing Miriam Carey).

    I can appreciate though the mind-set and the peer pressure in the Congress to stand and applaud the police, for killing Miriam. How could an individual Congressman, not have caved to the group-think peer pressure, and not stood and applauded? I mean, can you imagine being at a Nazi Party mass rally in the late 1930's and after hearing Adolph Hitler's speech, not raising your hand up and shouting "Sieg Heil" along with everyone else? How would that look?


    Waiting "for additional details to come out or more investigation to be done by the authorities," to make a judgment, will be a long wait, and work against learning what happened.

    They are working to cover up details, expunge any negative video on the web that shows the killing, and spin the "official" story so it validates the actions of the Capital police.

    Will you stand and applaud with the police-state-worshippers in the House of Representatives for shooting her to death, or will you make you own independent determination of what our police state is capable of, though it be contrary to the official denial or the politically sanitized version that emerges.

    Actually, they just hope you forget about it and don't ask any questions.

    Do not comply.


    October 11, 2013, Eight days later.

    MY suspicions are currently valid as Miriam Carey's body has not been released to the family. Isn't there normally a funeral four or five days after one's death? Also there has not been autopsy results or a coroner's report issued.

    Maybe they don't want the public to know how many times she was shot in the head at close range.

    Additional reporting that she was shot when her car was stopped:

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  • Fear & Greed Trader
    , contributor
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    I agree 1000% with your assessment of this tragic event..


    As you suggested we wont see the major networks doing any "follow up" here since they feed from the same "trough" as the other swine that inhabit DC.
    6 Oct 2013, 07:14 PM Reply Like
  • John Wilson
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » Fear
    Thanks for your astute assessment. I feel the same way as you do about the media outlets and, the "swine" as you say that they serve.
    You have to be aware of what they aren't saying and telling you even more than the small percentage of true information that they do tell you. Best wishes.


    6 Oct 2013, 08:01 PM Reply Like
  • User 7415181
    , contributor
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    Thoughtful blog.
    7 Oct 2013, 07:49 AM Reply Like
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