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Browsing Through VAERS Database - Echoes And Voices Of Vaccine Victims

Preface: Katie Couric was recently viciously criticized and rebuked by the attack dog arms of the media establishment because she dared to interview mothers of deceased daughters and surviving girls who were debilitated after being vaccinated with the HPV vaccine.

BTW HPV vaccine (you know who I mean) wears off within 5 years. Who wants to go through a round of three expensive and possibly dangerous shots every 5 years? The VAERS database is a HHS/govt reporting system where those who have suffered an adverse reaction after receiving a vaccination may report the event. They are not encouraged to report the adverse reaction and must usually do so on their own initiative.

Many people do not know this reporting system exists. It is estimated that for every adverse reaction reported, there are about 10 that are not reported.

Browsing through the VAERS database.

These are a few records that I browsed and looked at doing a "keyword search." Your have to open a data file first. It will look like a continuous mass of text. You could save it and then import it into a spreadsheet doing a CVS import. You can still find reports of death and other adverse reactions by following my steps below.

Open a data file, think of a word like "miscarriage" or "death" or "autism" Do a <ctrl+F> keyword search using the keyword. See what you come up with. The several accounts below were just from 2014. There are probably a lot of "miscarriage" events if you searched in 2009 or when the Swine Flu hysteria was at its peak.

Actual VAERS accounts of adverse reactions or death:


01/27/2014,"Case number PHEH2014US001723, is a combined initial and follow up spontaneous report received from the nurse on 20 Jan 2014 and 21 Jan 2014. This report refers to a 21-year-old pregnant female. Her medical history and concomitant medications was not reported. She was vaccinated with FLUVIRIN (batch number: not reported) intramuscularly on 29 Oct 2013. It was reported that she did not know that she was 5 weeks pregnant at the time of vaccination. It was reported that the hospital threatened her job if she did not get vaccinated. On an unspecified date one week after vaccination, she started bleeding. The doctor at the emergency room could not determine the cause of bleeding. The baby had a heart rate of 152 beats/min on 12 Nov 2013. She had a miscarriage on 13 Nov 2013. She was 5.5 weeks pregnant at the time of miscarriage.

Death after Gardasil vaccine.

518872,01/10/2014,MI,15.0,15,,F,01/10/2014,"This spontaneous report as received from nurse refers to a 14 year old female patient with attention deficit disorder and anxiety and with no drug reaction or allergies. On 14-JUL-2011 the patient was vaccinated with first dose of GARDASIL (dose, route of administration, lot number and expiration date were not provided), on 25-JUL-2012 patient received second dose of GARDASIL (dose, route of administration, lot number and expiration date were not provided) and on 21-NOV-2013 patient received third dose of recalled GARDASIL (lot number: J007354, expiration date 20-FEB-2016) (dose and route of administration were not provided). Secondary suspect therapy included FLUMIST which was given on 21-NOV-2013. Concomitant therapies included ADDERALL XR and CELEXA. It was reported that patient complained of headache on 04-JAN-2014 and she went to bed early that night. It was reported that ""she never woke up"". Patient died on 04-JAN-2014. Nurse has not been informed of the autopsy result so she could not determinate cause of death. Lab diagnostic studies were not performed. It was also reported that approximately 27 doses of the recalled lot of GARDASIL were also administered at reporter's facility but she has not heard of any other adverse effects. The outcome of headache was unknown. PNEUMOVAX23 and FLUZONE and DEATH

Person gets Pneumonia vaccine, then gets pneumonia, never recovers from pneumonia and dies within two years after vaccination of respiratory distress.

519375,01/15/2014,,26.0,26,,F,01/15/2014,"Information was received regarding a case in litigation concerning a 26 year old female who suffered from Type 1, Juvenile Diabetes for the majority of her lifetime. On or about 13-DEC-2011, the patient was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of uncontrolled diabetes mellitus with ketoacidosis (DKA). The patient was treated with an insulin drip and met with a dietician while in the hospital. On 14-DEC-2011, while preparing for discharge, the patient was administered PNEUMOVAX23 and FLUZONE. The patient began experiencing shortness of breath on 18-DEC-2011 and was taken to hospital via ambulance. At the hospital the patient was diagnosed with pneumonia, acute respiratory failure and diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). The patient was orally intubated and mechanically ventilated. Shortly after admission, the patient went into acute respiratory distress and became septic. The patient fell into a coma for approximately one month. The patient was hospitalized for a total of two months and was discharged on or about 09-FEB-2012. The patient never fully recovered from this hospitalization and spent the remainder of her life in and out of hospitals. The patient passed away on 02-NOV-2013 as a result of pneumonia. The patient suffered pneumonia, sepsis, respiratory distress/failure, coma and death which were a direct and proximate result of PNEUMOVAX23 and FLUZONE vaccinations. Upon internal review, coma, sepsis, and diabetic ketoacidosis were determined to be medically significant events.

Pregnant mother vaccinated for Chicken Pox. Baby gets chicken pox in-utero and born with chicken pox and dies.

521578,02/03/2014,,,,,M,02/03/2014,"This spontaneous report was received from a consumer (mother) refers to a 7 weeks and 2 days old male patient. On an unknown date in November 1998 the patient's mother was vaccinated with varicella virus vaccine live (manufacturer unknown) dose 1. The child was exposed to the suspect vaccine in utero when the mother was 5.5 months pregnant. On an unspecified date in 1998 the patient developed chicken pox in utero and was born with chicken pox on an unspecified date. On an unknown date in 1999 the patient passed away due to affixation/sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) (death), when he was 7 weeks and 2 days old. The outcome of affixation/SIDS was reported as fatal. The outcome of drug exposure in utero, born with chicken pox and developed chicken pox in utero was unknown. The reporter considered developed chicken pox in utero, affixation/SIDS and born with chicken pox to be related to varicella virus vaccine live (manufacturer unknown). This case is linked to case # 1401USA014406, # 1401USA014557 and case # 1401USA014599 via parent-child link. Additional information has been requested.",Y,,,,,,,,N,,,,,OTH,OTH,No other medications,Unknown,,,WAES1401USA014558