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Uranium Fuel and Uranium stocks

|Includes:DNN, GDLNF, Mawson Resources Ltd. (MWSNF), URZ

Is this the "International Monetary Fund" of uranium?

International Atomic Energy Agency is starting a $150 mm fuel bank so nuclear power countries could buy uranium from it if they run out or got cut out. Obviously the members are getting really concerned about fuel supplies (they are the insiders from the user side).
When U.S. started strategic oil reserve in '75 concerning about oil supplies, oil price has gone up nearly 350% from $3.60 in '71 to $12.21 in '75 (4 years). Then by '80 oil went up another 200% to $37.42. That's a 10-fold increase of oil price in 10 years. I suppose something this magnitude or greater might happen to uranium especially given a unique combination of certainty of demand increase, lack of short-term supply elasticity and limited number of producers. I bet there are no more than handful of people in Wall Street U.S. that caught the significance of this news. Many quality uranium stocks will explode with this kind of price increase as we have seen from gold stocks. The HUI index had a 35% compounded annual return over the past 10 years, and gold has only gone up 400%.

Our top pick is MWSNF, DNN, UEC, URZ.
When we called Tech bull in 1997, we never thought that we would make money in multi fold. But in 2001 when we called oil and metals bubble for eight years, we knew that we and our followers would make fortune and they did. Now since last six month we have been focusing on uranium, as we seen historic bubble coming on the way in Uranium stocks,

Mahendra Sharma

Disclosure: We are holding above mentioned as this is our long term position