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Will Dangdang Grow And Make A Profit?

|Includes:E-Commerce China Dangdang Inc. (DANG)


E-Commerce China Dangdang, Inc(NYSE:DANG). is a business-to-consumer e-commerce company that sells books, children and maternity products, apparels, general merchandise and consumer electronics through its website,,.

Dangdang, Inc. 52 weeks low and high is $3.68 and $11.25. Its market cap is 331.20 million. Dangdang Inc. has 18 million active consumers.

Recent Strategies are positive to the growth

· Core Business Strategy

CEO of Dangdang, Inc., MR Li Guoqing is clear with which categories are their core businesses. He has set books, baby products and clothing as its core businesses because of their relative high margin and market position. He focuses on Dangdang becoming the number one or number two on core businesses in the e-commerce industry.

According to MR Li Guoqing, Dangdang's lose is a selection of strategy in order to gain a quick sales growth and market shares. They understand where they made the loss, mainly from daily-use merchandises and digital 3C products.

· Go out and Bring in" strategy in 2012

Dangdang, Inc. has introduced "Go out and Bring in" strategy in 2012. "Go out" strategy refers to that Dangdang, Inc. sets up Dangdang e-stores in other big e-market places. For example, from Nov 2012, Dangdang, Inc. sold books and general merchandises in, the biggest e-market place in China.

"Bring in" Strategy refers to Dangdang, Inc. uses as a market place and attracts other stores to sell in For example Dangdang, Inc attracted 1000 apparel stores in in 2012.

The "Go out and Bring in" strategy has been very successful since it was introduced. It helps Dangdang, Inc. to grow its sales in Q4 2012. Book sales has maintained more than 100% growth month by month since its book store was opened in on Nov 11th, 2012. The monthly sales in reached 10 million Yuan in Jan 2013.

"Bring in" strategy greatly improved the sales of apparels. Apparel daily sales was about 10 million Yuan at the end of 2012. It grew 10 times compared with apparel sales in early 2012. "Bring in" strategy contributes net income to Dangdang.

· Free Return Delivery to Improve Customer Service and Experience

On Jan 25th, 2013, Dangdang, Inc. announced to provide free return delivery service in 578 cities in 25 provinces in China. This approach is to improve the customer experience and service. According to Dangdang company information, Dangdang, Inc has 21 regional warehouses in 11 cities.

Environments are favorable to growth

· Market Potential Will Provide Dangdang with Room to Grow

According to, China e-commerce entered into a high growth phase in 2012. It was estimated the e-commerce in China reached to 1,304 billion in 2012. The annual growth rate was 66.2%. B2C shared 29.7% and it grew 98.1% from 2011. It is estimated e-commerce will grow 41.9% and reach to 1850 billion in 2013 and B2C will share 35.1% of it.

From above research estimate, B2C in China will grow by 262 billion. It is estimated that Dangdang sales will share 1.9% of the total B2C in 2012. Dangdang sales in first three quarters of 2012 is 3.67 billion. The above discussed strategies will put Dangdang in a good position to grow its sales in 2013.

· Price Wars tend to weaken

The big players realized price war would be negative to the development of the China e-commerce industry. E-commerce industry players recognized that they need to focus more on profitability and less on market shares in 2013. The big players in the industry backed off from price war competitions at the end of 2012. This will help Dangdang focus on its own profitability.

Will Dangdang make a profit in 2013?

CEO of Dangdang, MR Li Guoqing, is confident that Dangdang will make a profit at some point in 2013. He also realizes the challenge in a market with price wars.

If Dangdang will make a profit in 2013 are up to these factors, how fast it can grow its core businesses with higher profit margin, how fast it can grow net income as an e-market place and if price wars will weaken. I forecast Dangdang will gradually narrow its loss in Q4 and 2013 and has chance to become profitable in 2013.

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