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Berkshire Ratio Indicator ThinkorSwim Code

|Includes:Berkshire Hathaway inc. (BRK.B)

For those that have thinkorswim, here is the code for my Berkshire ratio indicator, indicator value of 7 is a buy point. Enjoy!

Declare Lower;

input length = 50;

def Vol = volume;

def VolAvg = Average(volume, length);

Def A = close;

Def B = close("BRK/B");

def V = close("VIX");

def Spread=(A/B);

Plot ind= if(spread>1510,1,0)+if(v>v[1],1,0)+if(close<open,1,0)+if((vol>volavg*2),1,0)+if(volume>volume[1],1,0)+if(low<low[1],1,0)+if(high<high[1],1,0);

Stocks: BRK.B