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BEFORE THE BELL--Day Trade LONG BULL Set Ups For Feb 1st

|Includes:AA, CBS Corporation (CBS), PZZA, R, TSLA, WDC

Q: Sets up for day trading-How do we select them?

A: When in BULL market mode, we look for typical BEARISH patterns for long day trade set ups.

Q: Why Bear Set Ups

A: In BROAD INDEX BULL times, we expect BEARISH set patterns to fail. In other words, shorts who don't believe have jumped on the bear chart, but since MARKET BULLS out number BEARS, the PULLBACK is viewed as a BUYING opportunity by the larger volume traders; in this case bulls.

Q: What does Kathlina Scale Measure

A: This is my own scale that assigns a number value based on a stocks current price verses its 30 day average; also factors in supporting case indicators such as RSI or Volume. 

PIVOT 10.23 S1 10.02 S2 9.88 R1 10.37 R2 10.58

PIVOT 28.74 S1 28.12 S2 27.77 R1 29.09 R2 29.71

PIVOT 86.57 S1 84.95 S2 83.75 R1 87.77 R2 89.39

PIVOT 26.50 S1 26.20 R1 26.72 R2 27.02

PIVOT 22.59 S1 21.76 R1 23.04

PIVOT 3.66 S1 3.41 R1 3.84

PIVOT 15.72 S1 15.32 R1 15.94

PIVOT 38.88 S1 38.46 R1 39.13

PIVOT 56.47 S1 55.61 R1 57.14

PIVOT 29.13 S1 28.62 R1 29.75
PIVOT 36.49 S1 35.89 R1 36.95
Many different ways to trade these set ups. I have provided Pivots and Support/Resistance opening figures under each chart. These figures have to be updated every 1hr of trading or the data is not correct.

Don't trade against the market or the 10year bond yield! (As example if market turns down, then these patterns likely to hold and be decent shorts. For now, market indicated higher, thus these make potential short cover longs)

Good Luck
Tim Kathlina