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#2 - The Top 10 REEsons To Buy Molycorp

 2. China Forward Direction


China has been making strides in multiple manufacturing settings (not just REE's) to become more environmentally friendly.


These environmental issues are not USA types of issues, but severe population killing environmental effects.  They want to control their growth and improve their country. Imposing environmental regulations will both dampen growth while at the same time improve quality of living in their home country.  As we have seen, environmental policies keep improving over time here in the USA, and I would believe that as other societies modernize their people will also want better living conditions (at least not dying conditions).  This trend should be expected to continue.  One of the biggest culprits of the environmental issues is the black market strip mine operations.  China increasingly tough stance and socialization of parts of this industry should reduce supply in the near term.

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